Podcasting, Video & Advanced LinkedIn Strategies To Grow Your Business

Hi 👋 I'm Mike

(The creative force behind Making Digital Real)

My mission is to rehumanise digital marketing, bringing a much-needed personal touch to the online business landscape. I specialise in high level strategic LinkedIn training, using podcasts to grow your business, advanced MemberVault training and more, to turn your digital spaces into a world of genuine authentic connection. It's not just about reaching audiences; it's about bridging the gap between technology and personal touch! 

Available Digital Products

Unlocking The Power of Turning PDF's / Webinars In To Private Podcast Lead Magnets - LIVE WORKSHOP

Join me on Thursday, October 10th at 10:30 AM for a live workshop tailored for business owners ready to boost their subscriber databases and personal branding.

Learn how private podcasts can captivate your audience more effectively than traditional lead magnets. Perfect for enhancing your digital marketing with a personal touch. Workshop replay included.

3 LinkedIn Changes To Make In 2024

Free To Download Right Now.

For all LinkedIn newbies, this is the download for you!


3 powerful strategies taken from my best selling 120 page LinkedIn E-book

If you're just starting out, then follow these simple steps to create instant results.

Mastering LinkedIn - Spring 2024 Live Event REPLAY

Maximise Your LinkedIn Impact: RE-WATCH This Exclusive 1-Hour Live Masterclass!

It's back! Mike returned with his highly acclaimed 1 hour live event, now more insightful than ever! Mike will tackle your questions and unveil 17 groundbreaking strategies to supercharge your LinkedIn presence.

Discover the art of lead generation, refine your personal brand, and explore the transformative power of rehumanisation and video messaging. Whether you're a LinkedIn novice or a seasoned user, this replay promises to reveal innovative techniques and hidden gems that will elevate your LinkedIn savvy to new heights.

2 HOUR Power Session With Mike - Including 120 page e-book 🔥

A special Making Digital Real power session with me to focus on whatever you wish! 

These sessions are extremely popular and have an average waiting time of 4 weeks.

Book your power session with me to discuss your strategies, and find out what you can do to boost your LinkedIn success immediately.

You'll also receive the 120 page e-book free of charge with these sessions!

Mastering MemberVault - Personalised 4 Hour Training Experience

Unlock the full potential of MemberVault in just 4 hours with Mike!

Tailored to your needs, this intensive session ( in 2 or 3 bite size sessions) covers everything from course creation to sales strategies. Learn to build and sell diverse digital products, manage memberships, and effectively use MemberVault as your all-in-one platform.

Ideal for entrepreneurs and creators, this course empowers you to transform your MemberVault experience into a thriving digital business.

Win More Sales With Video Messaging In 2024!

Get ready to revolutionise your sales strategy and win MORE clients with VIDEO MESSAGING!

Say goodbye to the conventional text-based pitches that often lead to being ignored. Embrace the future with video messaging—a powerful tool to rehumanise your approach and significantly increase your business wins.

This is an on demand course designed to give you everything you need to advance your messaging techniques, including the software required, techniques, when to use video, camera tips and more!

All of my LinkedIn Services

Discover a world of valuable LinkedIn resources at your fingertips! Explore all of my LinkedIn services, such as free downloads, engaging videos, single / group training sessions, and unlock the true potential of your LinkedIn success with my extremely popular Profile Power Up service.

Click here to embark on an exciting journey towards maximising your LinkedIn presence and winning MORE clients!

Podcast Editing / Management

Elevate your podcast experience with our expert editing services, transforming your audio content into visually captivating social media reels.

Our comprehensive marketing management covers everything from launching your episodes on all major podcast platforms to dynamic promotion across your social media channels, including LinkedIn.

With our deep understanding of the latest algorithms, Mike and the team are committed to maximising your podcast's reach and impact. Let us take your podcast to new heights!

Buy Me A Coffee

Make mine a large one.

If I've helped you in any way win new clients, or you've just found my content ridiculously helpful in any way, then feel free to treat me to a coffee!

It's hugely appreciated, and much of what I do is given freely to benefit you with your digital marketing success.

Running Making Digital Real can be a costly exercise, and every coffee counts 💚

Personalised LinkedIn Strategy Video From Mike

Your chance to grab a 10 minute personalised video from me about YOUR LinkedIn / digital marketing strategy!

Let me review your page and give you a quickfire strategy video with some instant actionable tips, tricks and strategies to boost your page.

Whether you're a seasoned LinkedIn user or new to digital marketing, simply click below, and request your £30 video audit TODAY!

Full Day Filming Session with Mike & Video Team

In 2024, compelling content is crucial for business success. Join Mike and 'Your Video Team' for a day of filming to create your professional video and 60-second showreel in high-definition.

Experience everything from drone captures to dynamic interviews, crafting evergreen video content that captures your brand's essence and elevates your business.

My Digital Products Available Digital Products
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