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This week, I'm bringing you my BRAND NEW podcast series, shifting your PDF's to Private Podcasts LIVE WORKSHOP, a video tutorial on SpeakPipe (to collect audio reviews from clients), vinyl album of the week (80's HIP HOP today), and more. 01 - The brand new Making Digital Real Podcast 🎙️ Did you hear my announcement earlier this month, that I was rebooting my podcast series completely? Well, I did it, and the new look, new style series is now here. Episode 1 is available to ...

Social Proof Inside a Podcast

Harness the Power of Audio Reviews in Your Podcast Whether you have a podcast, or simply thinking about creating one, an all time favourite strategy of mine when working with clients is helping them get their social proof heard by a worldwide audience.  Today, let's explore a compelling strategy: audio reviews. Imagine beginning each podcast episode with an authentic voice message from a satisfied client (with your awesome music playing in the background). These ...

Private Podcasts as a Lead Magnet

Making Digital Real with Private Podcasts as Lead Magnets

Discover how private podcasts can revolutionise your lead generation strategy! Learn why this exclusive, audio-based content not only attracts new leads but also deeply engages them, enhancing your marketing efforts.

The END of the LinkedIn Profile Video Feature

The end of the LinkedIn Profile Video 💀 I'm as shocked as you are. It's one of the best features of the profile page, and it was your chance to rehumanise your LinkedIn profile.

Canva's Duotone Feature

Welcome to this week's edition of the Ninja Tip of the Week! Today, we're diving into the creative realm of Canva and unlocking the potential of its incredible "duo tone" feature. Prepare to take your designs to a whole new level! Did you know that Canva's duo tone feature can transform your visuals in an instant? One of the most exciting aspects of this feature is its ability to turn anything white, including logos, into eye-catching and on-brand elements. Say goodbye to limitations and hello ...


Let's take your visuals to a whole new level using the power of MOCKUPS!

Social Proof, LinkedIn About Section & Pictory

Hi everyone This weeks ninja tip is a powerful one, and one of the easiest to implement on your LinkedIn profile. Let's talk social proof.  Also, make sure you keep reading on, as I've also turned my 'about' section in to a short video clip using a cool new AI tool I found. Take one of your clients, and incorporate a one or two line sentence in your 'about' section to highlight them, the problem that they were experiencing before working with you, how you solved their problem, and the ...

Don't send out your bulk emails before using this tool!

Today, I highlight a common problem of emails landing in spam or skipping inboxes, which can lead to losing clients and users. They introduce a solution to this problem by using Mail-Tester.com, a free tool for performing email deliverability tests.

LinkedIn Text Only Posts

Good morning  LinkedIn posts that contain just text do REALLY well.  I could just end this weeks ninja tip right there, but I won't as I'm sure you have questions as to why? I know I did when I first discovered this fact. But first, here is an screenshot from my text based post that was published on Tuesday 17th Jan 2023... 1500 characters / 200 words, with 3 great hashtags and a few great tags. Over 2,500 views. Not bad at all. But why did LinkedIn want to push this content into over 2,500 ...


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